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Men get turnoff from so many things and girls don’t learn their lessons even after
a complicated marriage. Women make the same mistake over and over again.
The end up tarrying nights in church programmes that have their theme
tagged “having a successful marriage”. You’ll have your dream man, only
when you don’t give him troubles. Solomon said “it is better to live
on the roof top than live with a cantankerous woman”. Some women have
blabbermouth, maybe your friends love the fact that you’re a chatterbox,
but a big mouth busy body isn’t a virtue for lasting marriage. Cut down on
the tongue lashing and gossip exercise, it will only make him wary.

Talk about everything else, movies, politics sports, sex and hangouts. Make
sure it free from hates and envy. Don’t argue words with him. The man
believes he’s always right, make him believe he’s the Mr. right. If your
husband perceives your stinking hair from across the table or on the bed.
It is the most embarrassing turn off ever.

It is bad for a woman to carry worn out weave -on that screams smell, old and dirty! Your hair must always
be unspoiled and well taken care of. Avoid making your man breath smelly
hair into his body system, it can make him sick and you will suffer for it.
Farting is the worst of all. Most women fart in the presence of their
husbands. Letting him inhale the unwanted air, do you want him to die?
Ladies please if your fart is uncontrollable fake an excuse, walk out of
where he is seating and push the mess out.

Don’t pollute the air before your man, he may be angry about it. Be hygienic, keep your body and clothes clean, use nice scented body mist. If he kisses you and says you’ve not
brushed your mouth, you have to be careful because you’ll be at the point
of turning him off again. Don’t nag. nagging will not make him walk you
down the aisle. Don’t nag him about his financial state, where he has been
since morning, don’t nag him with your calls and don’t nag him about
being different to your family. Don’t nag period!

Some women say they are hot, But they can’t boil an egg to save their marriage.
Learn from your mom’s cooking. If you can’t cook. Go to a cookery school. Even if
you’re a degree or PhD holder and you don’t Know how to cook, please you’re
as bad as your maid. It doesn’t matter how good you’re In bed. forget the
under food. If you don’t know how to prepare the physical food, your maid
will help you with both the physical and under food. Some girls form ajebor
too much. No be only you bin suck breast milk. Others did and they make
good meal and even clean up the house for their man.

Your man wants to be sure that one day you won’t add honey and melon to beans porridge for dinner
when the maid has resigned. Bad sex isn’t healthy. Sex is like that
sugary filling that is used in a delicious piece of cake. You dip your
finger into it and taste its sweetness. God created sex for man and wife. I hear
some women even make roster for the day they can have sex.
Don’t deny your man the pleasure to have his right, don’t dangle it. Never
use sex as a bait for his money, time or affection. you may loss him for
life. Except you don’t value your marriage. Be romantic to your husband.
Husbands are rare, but men are plenty.

Hey women, what are your opinions on this?


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