Rw Exclusive: Meet The Finger Licking-licious Master


Creativity and hard work do pay-off; this is a story of Ette Assam whose drive for making a tasteful barbecue brought about an experience which his clients describe as finger licking.

Ette disclosed to Rhodiesworld the drive to start his barbecue spot which he said came during the days of long strike action in the university. It was a case of making the best out of the situation by getting creative and doing something useful with time.


Ette Assam hails from Akwa Ibom in Eket LGA and is married with lovely children.
Speaking about his education, he said that,’ I had my primary and post primary education in Lagos and thereafter went to university of Calabar where I obtain BA in linguistics.’ He went further to explain the difficulties in starting the business. Initially people didn’t believe I could perform in my choice of service to the people around me at a time because I wasn’t a house-hold name known for finger-licking barbecue, so I knew then I have a big task of proving people wrong, and that in its self was a real challenge to get it right.

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