RW EXCLUSIVE: What’s Up? Check out What’s happening around us.

People ask “What’s in vogue?”, “What is in?”, “What are the current trends?” or in pidgin “ Wetin dey reign?”. Basically, they want to know what’s happening. Well, let’s be true to ourselves, look around you, when it comes to “reigning things” the items below top the list:

Reality TV Shows:

From BBA the chase, to MTN Project Fame, Maltina Dance All, Gulder Ultimate Search, you name it. Reality TV shows are definitely a social trend. You hear news like “Beverly did this”, “ Glo X-factor did that”. Reality TV shows are the buzz of town and it looks like they are here to stay.

Electronic Gadgets:
Gosh! These are definitely in. New Tablets, Latest Blackberry phones and other devices coming into the market every minute. Electronic gadgets give you information, aid communication and totally upgrade your swag [if you know what I mean ]

Celebrity Baby Bumps:
Kaffy Baby Bump 2

At first it looked like it was just foreign celebrities that were flashing their baby bumps. The likes of Beyonce with Blue Ivy and Kim Kardashian with North West. Anyway, Naija no dey carry last. recently, popular Nigerian Dancer, Kaffy, flashed her baby bump, and I know say many more Naija celebrity baby bumps go follow sha.

Social Networks:

How many twitter celebs are you following? And how many pictures have you taken solely for instagram purposes?? lol. Really, who isn’t on Blackberry messenger?? The rate at which social networking has become part of everyday life, me sef I no understand. Anyway that’s how it is now, social networks have become the ‘in-thing’ and we are just loving it. Aren’t we? 🙂


Yes oh! This one is all over the place. Looks like scandals are so in vogue right now and everyone is scrambling to be the protagonist in a scandal (Na wa! things don change sha). Nowadays, there is always one unusual gist or the other to tease the ears; Whether it’s politics, entertainment, religion or even in the aviation industry(lol)…scandals have become the order of the day.


Yeah, Romance is in the air and it isn’t even valentine season yet. Engagements, Weddings, Relationships etcetera, etcetera. Romance is trending badly, people just dey trip, fall and enter the love triangle…infact people are diving into it from all angles. Make una take am easy sha. e be like say na “better half” tins dey reign now.

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