RW Fan SunnyBarms Wins 10,000 For Being The Highest Commenter On RW For The Month Of October


Hello Rhodies World fans, Happy Sunday. This is good news. We introduced a 10,000 monthly fee to whosoever will emerge as the highest commenter on our website. This is just a way of encouraging our fans not just to read and leave, but also to drop their comment too.

We know some people thought it was hoax, but here is the result for the month of October. We only displayed the top ten(10) commenters but for this purpose, only one person will win and that is Sunnybarms. Please sunnybarms should send his bank details to our email: and should not forget to send us the email address he uses to comment-with so as to confirm he is the right person. We will credit his account with the sum of 10,000.

Sunnybarms will also do us well to confirm as soon as he receives the alert so as to encourage others. Now you have seen its real, visit and comment wisely.

N/B: We have noticed that people are aggressively commenting, please comment wisely, unnecessary comments on the same post will not be approved.

35 thoughts on “RW Fan SunnyBarms Wins 10,000 For Being The Highest Commenter On RW For The Month Of October

  1. fiona spencer

    @sunnyBarms: Nooooo not a fast loader but inbox it to ones Email lol. Don’t mind me, Enjoy ur cash, u worth it.

  2. Sunnybarms

    All my well wishers, kindly tell me how you want the recharge cards. Is it to be displayed publicly on the comment page for the fast loader or wat? Any better suggestion please cos I want everyone to be part of it no matter how small?

  3. Sunnybarms

    Fiona Spenser and the rest, don’t worry, I av some cards to share with u from my cash award but it will only be for the fast loader or how do u guz want it?

  4. Sunnybarms

    Sunnybarms is also saying a very big thank u to all my well wishers. People like agada, Temitope, vivian and the rest. I believe the next award will definitely be yours and am also going to say congrats in your own time. You are blessed

  5. Sunnybarms

    Sunnybarms is saying a very big thanks to Rhodies world for receiving the cash award of 10, 000 naira today in my gt bank account. Just keep up the good work. You are blessed

  6. Vivian

    Who knows how is been counted, cos the updates I receive is barely enough to earn me up to a 100 votes

  7. Smart

    Yes Oooo….. Even me too

    Rhoda i really Feel you…. And God will Keep Showering His Favours and Blessing on Yu

  8. fiona spencer

    Congratz to the winner of October money, salary for sure oooo. Use ur money subscribe comment o lol

  9. fiona spencer

    Sammy u are right,i hardly see sunny barms,but am sure Sammy Dan always dere,lol Sammy there is still chance

  10. fiona spencer

    Yes phil is right,there shud be @least recharge card for the second runner up or any other thing.

  11. Sammy-Dan

    Congrats Sunny…bt I’m stil perplexd hw its graded o…cos I don’t recall seeing his name on any comment o

  12. philove

    There should at least be some consolation prizes for like the two runner ups na! Even if na recharge car sef!
    Abi Rhoda wetin you think?! Na just suggestion I dey give o!


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