RW Mailer – A TRUE CONFESSION: I Have Been Sleeping With My Husband’s Brother, & I’m Getting Addicted To It, Please Help Me Stop This Shame.


In the village I come from, there’s this god that hunts women who cheat on
their husbands. But despite the traditional disciplines and painful
penalties that this god give to these women, wives still cheat on their
husbands and worse of all brother in-laws. After reading this story, sorry
to say Mrs whatever I felt terribly sad. But let my reader’s give their
best advise.

Read her story…
“I have been having sex with my brother in-law, unknown to my husband. I
am in a deep dilemma right now.
I think I have had it enough, and it’s even becoming more habitual as I
always have a fast one with him even when my husband is in the house. My
fear is that my husband will soon understand the gimmicks if we continue
in the escapade.

I’m very sorry to say this, but I think I’m an addict, as I get to my pick
when I cheat on my husband. I also enjoy it more when it’s done swiftly;
just that alone satisfies my libido. However, the reason why I’m so
attached to this guy is because he is a complete man. No man can do what
he does to me; in fact, it’s unspeakable.

When I met my husband 10 years ago, I knew he was my kind of man, as he
was able to satisfy me the very night we met. We both met in one of the
universities in the North. We got married just 3 years ago and here I’m
trying to battle out of some addiction. I know it’s shameful, but it’s
really hard for me to fight.

I had vowed never to be callous to him in any way until his younger
brother finished his University program and came into our house last year.
Two months after he got into that house, the entire story changed. We had
our first night when my husband went on an official trip. I can’t give you
the details of how it all happened, but it was the most regrettable night,
as I regretted my action after then. We both concealed it, and pretended
nothing ever happened, but from that moment, and even as my husband
returned, he has not been able to satisfy me the way his brother did. This
has kept me glued to his brother. Most of the time, I sneak out of bed to
the toilet at nigh where we normally meet to do the dirty thing.

I will deliberately wake my husband at the pick of his sleep, informing
him that I was going to the toilet. I would always make sure I get back to
the room within 5minutes, but believe me I often return satisfied.

I am gradually losing my joy and dignity as a married woman because of the
bad deeds I have fallen deep into. It’s even becoming a daily occurrence,
especially now that my shop has been closed permanently due to the ongoing
crisis around my area, and I’m always at home with him in the morning. In
fact, even as I write this note, I just doubt if we won’t have it today. I
am really not happy doing this, and I can’t tell my husband. When he finds
out the truth, he will throw me out of the house.

And my brother in-law isn’t even scared. When we’re alone in the house and
we look at each other, we just can’t stop doing it.
What is the solution please? Is my case medical or spiritual? I don’t
really want to do this, but I see myself doing it”.

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9 thoughts on “RW Mailer – A TRUE CONFESSION: I Have Been Sleeping With My Husband’s Brother, & I’m Getting Addicted To It, Please Help Me Stop This Shame.

  1. Jasmine

    Same thing here im in love with my husbands brother and cant stay without him though i moved away from him we still talk on the phone and miss eachother. Im pregnant with my husband but font want to keep the baby because my biL will leave me pls help me what do i do

  2. where_to_go

    Think think, think, and Think….Everyone in this world is selfish, some are little and some are way selfish. I don’t want to answer this question. What basically you need is someone to satisfy and at the same time someone to secure you with your life by giving you stable married life. You got married to a man who often busy in work to satisfy your needs but than you weren’t sexually satisfied with your man. Now you thought of satisfying yourself will be easier by finding someone out of marriage, which is completely wrong. If you wasn’t feeling great about sex you should have talked to your husband and change the way you guys use to perform so that you could be satisfied. Now one option, if his brother is really good person ask him if he can keep you and marry you , if he say yes then it will great favor on your poor husband. Because already you are of no use for him. He doesn’t deserve person like you in his life. This time don’t be selfish and let him find someone nice who cares for him rather you are. Just tell your husband that he you don’t him.

  3. Erin

    I dont think this sounds like a marriage at all sounds like hell I think your husband would be very lucky if you just ran away with his brother and let him find someoneworth marrying in the 1st place!!! Sorry you just seem very selfish and fake who knows maybe hes cheating on you too and dont have much interest in pleasing you like his brother does!

  4. Emmanuel Orogodo

    It is sad to read this story, but I am happy to read you are regretting your action. Habits (good or bad) can be formed and they can be broken. Habits are easy to form but hard to quit. It takes faith do quit bad habits but not impossible. Couples are one person and whatever will please either of them is supposed to be practiced. If your partner is not strong enough to satisfy you, you can make him strong by practice and insistence on what you want. Attract your husband to lovemaking anyway anytime anywhere you want to have it. If he tries to resist, politely plead with him that you want it and tell him to understand. Tell him possibly not to allow you look at other men, because the more close and lovemaking with your spouse the more you love yourselves. Right now, the sense of guilt you feel is the spirit of God around you. God does not abandon his children even when they go wrong, he is there to protect you and ready to receive you back. If you do not know how to pray, start praying now. Try and look for something to keep you busy urgently so that you can get out of the sight of this youngman, at least during the day. At night, try, try, try to make love to your husband to your satisfaction. Try introducing new sex styles and positions in your love life with your husband and experience new sensation. But above all my advise, you must pray and try to practice what you pray for, you must have faith in your prayer. If you pray with faith you will succeed. Try as much as possible to get out of the sight of your brother-in-law. God help you. LOOK FOR SOMETHING TO KEEP YOU BUSY because an idle person is the devil’s workshop. There is a short prayer I want to suggest you can always say each time you are faced with this urge. Say this prayer repeatedly with faith and you will succeed. This prayer is simple “JESUS I LOVE YOU, ALL I HAVE IS YOURS, YOURS I AM, YOURS I WANT TO BE, DO WITH ME WHATEVER YOU WISH”.

  5. kassegne

    Dear madam,
    I think you are on the way to go out from such dirty situation.
    The problem is you are obsessed completely with your boy friend.
    Try to stop thinking about your friend. Think of your husband. He is good for you. Tell how to make sex for your husband, he can do as your friend.Think positively for your husband . Sex is based on your attitude.
    Do not be weak to make decision, be strong to make decision for your long life.
    Ignore your friend, he is satan coming to you to destroy your life.Please do not allow him to bed with you again. He is really devil.I will be glad to hear your decision.

  6. Seyi

    Dear woman my advise for u is that, pls control urself and stop that robbis cos if ur husband knw about it he will send u off and he won’t do anything 4 his brother cos their are family. So try to control ur self or u can tell that ur husband brother to leave house 4 u and hisband. Gud luck

  7. Judith

    This is abomination in the land. Like it or not, one day and very soon your husband is going to find out so why not repent now and go to a good Holy Ghost fire church like Mountain of Fire and Miracles deliverance ministry and do deliverance prayers so you can be set free from this demon of sex pervertion. Your brother in law is the worst culprit who has no iota of respect for his elder brother. My dear you should be able to control your urge for sex. I pray God have mercy on you and rescue you.

  8. Paul D"costa

    Dear unknow woman,

    I am happy to know that u regret the act that u r going and doing its up to u to decide and give up.

    You can also talk to yr husband telling him to sleep with you more frequently and forcing him to sleep with you as and when you feel the urge.

    Please note that come one day you will have to face th wrath of the one above.

    Please take care. I do wish i could talk to u personally either by email or telephone.


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