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Bride -to-be: Nnenna Oyeoku(Abia State)
Groom-to-be: Michael Nsisong Ebom(Akwa Ibom State)
Traditional Marriage: Thursday, July 18th, 2015
Wedding Date: Saturday, August 1, 2015
Pre-wedding Location: Ibom Le’meridien

Nnenna & Michael are getting set for their traditional marriage, which comes on 18th July at Prof. O.K. Oyeoku compound in Ebem Ohafia Abia State followed by their fabulous wedding on August 1, 2015 at Dominion City church, Reception at Emerald Event Center, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Michael did pop the big question during his friend’s after wedding dinner party in Lagos and it was such a big surprise to the beautiful bride-to-be.
They are serving us hot couple status in their pre-wedding shoot at the breathtaking Ibom Le’meridien & Golf resort.
They’ve got an amazing love story, read below

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How They met:
From The Groom-to-be
My love story with my Baby Angel is divine, one that I will forever be grateful to God!.
Being an entrepreneur, my work took the greater part of my time. When I suddenly realized that I didn’t have any relationship going, as you can expect I started getting pressure from my parents and family to get married. Initially I felt the pressure bigtime, travelling here and there seeking relationships based on recommendations. When I turn 28 I gave up the search and committed it all to GOD. I told God “I surrender it all, YOU are the only one that can lead me to my wife’’ I quite the search.
It’s surprisingly amazing that all these while I was busy searching, my Baby Angel was right beside
working with me in the same department in my Church (Dominion City) as a Greeter! I see her every
Sunday but yet I never noticed her, I take her home from church yet I never noticed her. I did the
routine for months till this beautiful Sunday (09:02:14), when after church my department decided to pay our leader (Ozone) a birthday visit at his residence and as usual Nnenna will ride with me over. We arrived, she got down from the car, then playful came and held my hands!!!!! That right there was the Magic moment. I thought to myself “The hands fit!” I can’t describe it, more like electricity when she held ma hands that day, what a rush it was… instantly I asked to know her Surname, Age, Origin, University, Major, Genotype, Blood Group…. I was literally glued to her the entire time cos I found her so amazing!! Surprisingly she had all the qualities I needed in a wife. She appeared too good to be true, she turned out to be my ultimate fantasy… I had to take her home to her doorstep that day.


How They met:
From the Bride-to-be:

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I moved to Lagos from Calabar middle of 2013 after NYSC and I found a branch of my Church closest to me ‘Dominion City’ to attend. Didn’t join a department immediately but I finally did towards the end of the year. When I joined a department ‘City Greeters” (an extension of ushering department) I didn’t have a clue my Prince charming was there working right by my side.
First instance, I felt he was proud (because he has a good composure). With time we became friends because we had a friend in common. There after he realized I stay a bit close to him so after service he takes me CLOSE to my house (please note – not in front of my house…I wondered why and concluded he wasn’t a gentleman….lmao (I never jam).
Our friendship grew beautifully well and one day we went for our Pastor’s birthday party, this young man didn’t get his eyes off me which was totally uncomfortable…#blushing. That same day he asked all sort of question from genotype to University I attended. It didn’t click at that point that he was catching vision…lol.
From that day our friendship bloomed like a fresh lily and May 16th, 2014 he officially asked me out but trust a sister I still did small “shakara” before I said yes.
That day was the beginning of a beautiful journey, a journey I look forward to taking forever with Obi m, (my best friend), Michael Nsisong Ebom.

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What do you find interesting about your partner?
From Michael: What I find most interesting about my Baby Angel is the way she takes my problems as though it’s hers and my happiness her priority

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From Nnenna: Every single thing about him is interesting  but the most intriguing is his HEART and love for others which has translated to his love for me and everyone connected to me. He has taught me how to show love to everybody around me

How , where & when did you propose?

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After our friend’s (Ifeanyi Onuorah) wedding in Enugu, I asked him organize a “Thank you” dinner for his friends at the Federal Palace Hotel here in Lagos, just so I could use the opportunity to pop the big question during the dinner. I knew my baby angel will be obligated to honour the invitation because she couldn’t attend their wedding at Enugu so this would be for her an opportunity to make-up.

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While enjoying the dinner during dessert time, just as planned, the waitress brought in a cake to her saying “A special cake to a Special person on a Special occasion” Then I went right down on ma knees to pop the question. Amazingly on that day my Chairman (Ani Udott) and Mom were around and their presence made it even more emotional for her.


How did you feel when he proposed?
There are no words to describe how I felt that day….but I have a picture that says it all.

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A love message to her

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My Baby Angel, My pearly Baby, Ima-mi, Edima-mi …. I want you know that you will
always be right beside my heart so I could love you just the way I love myself even in
our imperfections I will love you perfectly! – You occupy my heart! Just as Christ Loves the Church so I shall Love you for the rest on my life.


A love message to him:

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Obi m you are my dream come true….every day I thank God for bringing us together. Growing up I wrote down 10 qualities I would like my husband to have and just few weeks back I came across that list and realized you are my TOTAL PACKAGE….truly you are a gift from God. I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you tomorrow and forever.

More photos:

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Photo Credits:
Creative Studio Nigeria

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60 thoughts on “RW Weddings Presents: Nnenna & Michael’s Romantic Pre-wedding Photos + Love Story |Photos By Creative Studio

  1. Joy

    This is how couples shod be like . I can see love between the both of them. See true romance . Nice one

  2. Macdonald Akhirome

    Honestly, the divine element of love is best expressed in the love of a man and woman. Micky Doo, you have found your place in the league of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  3. warday

    I really give God the glory for all what he has done for my very man the great guy Bomnsy as i fondly call you, may God give you wisdom to handle the plan you about to start and guide you all days of your life, accident is not your portion, in Jesus name, love you but your wife love you most so love Christ who is the foundation

  4. Ujaylicious

    Wow! What a wonderful story, the meeting sounds so divine truly. Smashing pictures, Nsi please take good care of Nnenna because she is so nice. God bless your marriage Nnenna .

  5. Helyn (Mike's mom)

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how I truly love these two <3

    My sweet Edima, you have no clue how much I cherish and adore you. Coming into my son's life is one of the sweetest beautiful things the Lord has done for me. From the first day I set my eyes on you (on Nsi-love's phone last time he came to Canada), my heart went all out for you. My eyes welled up with tears when i read about the 'total package.' How so sweet. Welcome to the family darling!

    Nsi-love, you've always been loved and will always be by the grace of God. You've been a good boy from day one and I know the Lord wouldn't give you anything less. God has surely blessed you and I know the blessings will continue to pour. I can't wait to see those your eyes sparkle and your mouth beaming with smiles on the d-day. Love you, boy!!!!!!!

    Congratulations you two!!!!

  6. Funa

    This is so beautiful! Nenna is a real gift michael! She is also a copy copy that followed me to aks! Lol…. U guys look amazing together! Can’t wait to see the final show down!!!

  7. Iheonwumere Gloria Okoye

    Stunning pictures & an inspiring love story. Nkwo my darling sister, u have nothing to fear or worry about. Enjoy this beautiful gift God has given u in d person of Michael. Wishing u both a blissful married life.

  8. O'femi

    WOW!!!!!! So inspiring! I met Mic’ some weeks back, he’s an amazing guy! Extremely nice and resourceful and very kind! All these I said is based on about 2hours of talking with him. Nnena “Nina” is an absolutely, Self willed and go getting lady! Amazing pair:, Wonderful Couple! Now I really have to step up my ante! God bless you both! Awesome pair!!!!

  9. Rose

    Wow! You too look stunning… And beautiful together- a match made in heaven i must say…. May God bless your union.

  10. Ify Viola

    I’m literally grinning from ear to ear!! I’m sure my colleagues will be wondering ‘what’s wrong with ify now’ lol!! This is such a beautiful love story Nina! You guys look sooooo cute together! HML in advance babe*Hugs&Kisses*

  11. C~bel Greeters

    @Adaolisa i almost passed my bus stop too reading this beautiful story. Thanks guys for giving me a new story line. Nina i never believed you hail from OHAFIA,was shocked to hear that,love your courage dear. Youre too beautiful and i admired you alot. You’ve found yourself a great, handsome and God fearing guy.
    Your wedding i will not miss come August 1st, im already looking forward to that.
    Congrats my follow Greeters Mike&Nina.May God Bless your Union.

  12. Ebele

    You go Nena girl!!! Congrats My people….its been God all the way and HE will surely sustain you guys….let the countdown begin..

  13. Cbel

    @Adaolisa i almost passed my bus stop too reading this beautiful story. Thanks guys for giving me a new story line. Nina i never believed you hail from OHAFIA,was shocked to hear that,love your courage dear. Youre too beautiful and i admired you alot. You’ve found yourself a great, handsome and God fearing guy.
    Your wedding i will not miss come August 1st, im already looking forward to that.
    Congrats my follow Greeters Mike&Nina.May God Bless your Union.

  14. Ayomikun (Rafael-O)

    Wow….wow and wow. Ebome!!..Always romantic. God bless your union. His grace will be sufficient for you. I wish U greater and greater Blessings all through this great journey. Congrats Mike and Nnena.

  15. Nneka

    how can two people be fine like ten people??…they are perfect……A perfect journey to happily ever after…Nnenna you get eyes o I swear….

  16. John Okon

    I hav known Michael from secondary school and I knw him to be that picker who goes for only things dat hav depth and worth his time. I hav no doubts that Nnenna is dat woman. It is all or nothing for him

  17. Ifeanyi Onuorah

    In the beginning, was a seed(I was there). And that seed has grown to become a tree. Now we watch as it’s flowers blossom. God bless your marriage!!!

  18. eno morphy

    Congratulations babe’s I wish you all the best in marriage, finally u and Funa married my brothers.

  19. Emerald

    Congratulations Nena and Michael. Your story is so beautiful and romantic… I wish you both a blissful and fruitful life together. May your love and friendship grow deeper and more intimate as the years go by..

  20. Emerald

    Congratulations Nena and Michael… I wish you a very blissful and fruitful life together…. may your love and friendship grow deeper and more intimate. Love you both..

  21. Deji Obademi

    Congrats Mike, you’ve definitely found a gem and “found a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord”…true story, no rhetoric. And I know Nina is blessed to have you, a good man.

    I can hardly wait to see the cute and well mannered little greeters you have.

  22. tae

    I am very happy, God has compensated u fully, ur joy is full. U can sing the #Godwin now. Love u gal

  23. Chibaba

    Truly beautiful. Michael is a great guy and I definitely know he would give the world for you Nnenna.

  24. Okoronkwo Chinedum

    Wow!!!!! Seriously speechless. I usually hear of marriage made in heaven but dis is actually made in d third heaven. So happy for u guys. May ur love grow stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger.

  25. Patience Ekwere

    Amazing! Nina & Mike may God bless and preserve how you both feel forever. Amen.

  26. ifeoma mba

    Awwwwwww… My friendship.@ bride. So happy happy for u darling. You are such a sweetheart, so so glad you found two look amazeballs#hugs#

  27. kosy

    I’ve just read this and I couldn’t help but grab a tissue to dry my tears….Michael, you are so lucky to have such a supportive and loving wife…God bless your union.

  28. Nemerem

    Awww, almost in tears, okay scratch that, tears are pouring, tears of joy. Nne, You have no idea how happy I am for you. I pray your love remain true and pure forever. Your story is inspiring.

  29. Chybuu

    Wow! From the day I knew you guys were together, I loved the idea and the pair, but with this story I love you guys more. I wish you both a wonderful life time of marital bliss.

  30. Chichi

    Nina, I am so happy that you have found ur heartbeat. I know Mike would be the happiest man to have u by his side. God bless ur union

  31. Adaolisa

    kai! i just missed my bus engrossed in this love story plus breath-taking pictures of a beautiful couple. Nnenna, May God continue to unite and bless your marriage. He knows just how to beautify His work. ….

  32. Toch Greeters

    This is not just a love story, it is a story about divine love… God will perfect this union.
    congrats my bro

  33. BloodieMary

    Match made in heaven! Fantasy come true. They both look amazing! I can’t chill for this wedding. .. God bless their union.:*

  34. Ikaut

    When I see a beautiful couple like this, it reminds me of the day I met my angel. 8 days on she’s still adorable. Carry go bro


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