RW Weddings Presents: Tina & Tilolo’s Love Story


Love is like a butterfly, as soft and gentle as a sigh. The multicolored moods of love are like it’s satin wings. Love makes your heart feel strange inside, It flutters like soft wings in flight

As always, Rhodiesworld brings you another exciting wedding event!. This time, between Christiana Abelewo and Ime Udofia aka Tilolo, from the family of Pastor/Mrs.Archibong Abelewo in Ikot-Utu in Obot Akara LGA and the family of late Elder/Mrs Nkereuwem Udofia in Ukana-Ikot-Ntuen in Essien-Udim LGA.

The wedding ceremony of Christiana Abelewo and Ime Udofia was a colorful sight with a great taste that left the mind lingering in delightful imaginations. Its pictures can show the entire excitement that was felt by the couple, families and friends . Both families ensured there was enough merriments (Owanbe) for all who came to share in this special moment of their joy- Christiana and Ime.

HOW THEY MET? The bride disclosed to Rhodieswolrd their little secret of how they met. In her words, ‘We met at a wedding event, in my opinion was destined to bring us together. I can recall those few words from my better-half saying “ excuse me, pretty angel. May I know your name”? It wasn’t about the question but the manner in which he put the question to me(very gentlemanly)’.

PROPOSING? It was in August 2012 during my birthday celebration that my sweet-heart gave me the best birthday gift any single girl would expect from her man. It was indeed a big surprise that blew my mind away till now# lovestruck#.

In December 30th 2012, he made an open engagement where my finger was officially decorated with a ring only a man in love could give to a woman he loves and I’ll cherish it forever.

WEDDING BELLS? My ring status was changed from an engagement ring to an ‘honorary wedding ring’ on February 28th and 2nd March respectively to the glory of God.

RhodiesWorld wishes the couple a happy married life.tintil005





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