Suspect, Olanrewaju – I’ve no regrets about killing my father


An 18-year-old boy, Olanrewaju Kayode-Aremu, who was recently arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for stabbing his 46-year-old father, Victor Kayode-Aremu, to death has said he does not regret his action.

The native of Kwara State added that he decided to stab his father to death because he could not lay his hands on poison or a gun which he would have used to kill his father

PUNCH Metro had reported on May 15, 2013 that the suspect stabbed his father to death at their home located at Langbasa in Ajah.

It had also been reported that the suspect was a Geology student of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, but was asked to leave the school due to his poor grades.

The suspect, who is currently being detained at the state Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, said he killed his father for many reasons.

He said killing his father was a mistake but he still had no regrets.

Olarenwaju said one of the reasons why he killed his father was that his father forced him to study Geology even though he did not like the course.

He said, “My father used to maltreat me and my mother was aware of this. Sometimes he would not give me food or money. He sent me to University of Ilorin but I did not get the course I wanted. I was admitted to study Geology but I wanted to study Biochemistry.

“My father forced me to go to the school and after I failed, the school asked me to leave. I started working with my father afterwards and I used to follow him to work. He did not want to send me to school anymore.”

Narrating what happened on the day he killed his father, Olanrewaju said he had complained to his parents that he was not feeling too well but they had ignored him.

He said it was in the usual behaviour of his father to maltreat him, adding that he decided to vent his anger on his father

He said, “On that day that I killed my father, I was ill and I told my parents but they ignored me. I do not really know what came over me. I took a knife and followed my father upstairs and stabbed him repeatedly. He ran downstairs and I chased him downstairs and stabbed him once more.

“My mother saw me when I stabbed him to death but she did nothing.”

Asked why he decided to kill his father in such a gruesome manner, he said, “I could not get poison or a gun. That was why I stabbed him.”

Olanrewaju, who is the first of five children, said his father married a second wife and this had strained the good relationship the family once had.

He said on several occasions, his father had sent him out of the house because he hated him, stressing that he had reported to relatives but no one ever listened to him.

Olanrewaju said he killed his father because he believed he would not be arrested due to his young age. He said he thought the murder would be treated as a family affair.

He lamented that since his arrest, family members, including his mother, had refused to visit him.

He said, “My mother has not come to visit me since I was arrested. I want her to get me a lawyer. I am still very young. I killed him because I wanted to be free. I did not know I would be arrested. I thought nothing would ever happen to me.

“I am not happy in detention and I want the police to release me; I have suffered enough. I am not happy in the cell.”

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