#Tiwa/TeeBillz: Don Jazzy, Uti Nwachukwu, Helen Paul & Mercy Aigbe Pour Out Their Hearts

Since this event started, so many people have talked about it. Read below what the King of the Mavins dynasty, Uti, Helen Paul and nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has to say about it.




Don Jazzy Breaks Silence Over TeeBilz’s Allegation

The Supreme Mavins Dynasty boss, Don Jazzy, born Micheal Collins has finally broken silence more than 72 hours after his label artiste, Tiwa Savage’s husband accused him of having sexual relations with his wife.

Don Jazzy in his first post after the hiatus broke the silence to wish label Artiste and fellow in accusation of infidelity with Tiwa Savage, Dr. SID a happy birthday.

He posted this: “My brother from another mother. The most misunderstood person I know. If only the world can know you like we know you. But at the end of the day all that matters is that God knows and sees your kind heart. For as long as I live I will forever be grateful for a friend like you.





It’s only people who plan from the start that they want to be married for a while, fulfill a selfish agenda and walk away that would be happy if their marriage hit the rocks. It’s not something to joke about.

As written by Uti Nwachukwu

The insensitivity, hypocrisy and down right judgmental attitude displayed about the Teebillz and Tiwa issue is utterly disgusting and extremely heart wrenching.
First of I’ve overheard and read comments from people having the audacity to actually Choose sides!!! WOW! Who made u Judge and Jury?! This is a Holy Matrimony we are talking about here… And you open up your mouths and say what ever u deem worthy to spill out ?! ‘Oh Teebillz did dis and shouldn’t do this. Tiwa did this and shouldn’t do that. Bla bla Blaa!!! Then some of u make jokes! Memes! About the demise of someone’s marriage ?!! You actually point fingers and call names and sadly some of you are laughing and rejoicing over this?
You think it’s okay to use this and express reasons why you are not married ? Really ?! BE SENSITIVE!!!! The thing about life is whatever you sow. U will reap!

More disappointing is fellow entertainment Personalities actually adding salt to the open wounds!!! You guys should understand what’s it like to go thru a public storm! Then let’s see how funny or interesting this will be to you when ur storm comes.
To everyone reading this I dare say : This could be you!! Could be ur parents! Could be your Sister or Brother! .
Did some of you even sit down to try and fathom what could possibly be going on in their heads right now?! Their families? Yeh I know some of you will make uppity statements like this will never happen to me , I will never do this ! I won’t try that. Not my family. God forbid!
Well newsflash: every single family will experience a ‘God Forbid’ incident whether they like it or not! It could be anything! We don’t choose what happens to us or our family members. It just happens.
And Trust me when I say this. NONE OF U WILL EVER KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO WALK IN THE SHOES OF TIWA OR TEEBILLZ. NONE!! So Hold your peace and discuss behind.




Strong lady, I love you through it all. The storms may rage and our ships may rock sometimes, but as long as God is the captain of the ship, He will steer it in the right direction and we will arrive safely at our destinations. Be strong and be of good cheer .




Father! take absolute control, heal their hearts and show your self mighty in this situation …At the end of it all, let ur will and only ur will be done in their lives @tiwasavage and @teebillz. ..So ur name only can be glorified IJN!…..Morn Fam and Y’all have a blessed day

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