Academic and non academic activities at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom
state were on Wednesday brought to a halt following the protest of the
students over increment of General Studies GST course fee of N2000 and
inter campus transport levy of N200 a student daily.

According to our sources, the Students who gathered at the town campus of the University along Ikpa
Road at about 8:am had locked all the entrance gates of the two campuses of
the institution making it impossible for most members of staff to gain
access in the campuses.


It was gathered that the protest which started as a peaceful
march went violent with the arrival of the joint task force who killed a
student by name Kingsley Udoette, a level 200 student of Zoology in the course of the fracas.
Uniuyo-riot-2013-rhodiesworld (3)

Kingsley Umoette’s Photo

Business activities along Ikpa road and adjoining streets also came to a
halt as shop owners and passersby deserted the area to avoid being hit by
strayed bullets of the policemen who shot sporadically into the air to
scare away the students.

The Students who demanded the sack of the Vice Chancellor of the Ivory
Tower, Prof. Comfort Ekpo alleged that she was incompetent of handling the
affairs of the institution.

A student who pleaded anonymity said schooling in UniUyo, though a federal
institution has become a burden as Ekpo has either introduced new levies or
increased the previous ones.

The student said the current protest was sparked off by the introduction of
N200 inter campus fare from the Town Campus in Ikpa road to the Main Campus
in Ekpri Nsukara along Nwaniba in Uyo, an estimated distance of about

As a result of the saga, the Vice chancellor’s office and the administrative block was razed down.

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Uniuyo-riot-2013-rhodiesworld (2)

It was also learnt that Ekpo led administration had further introduced
special fees of N2000 per each student registering for compulsory GST
courses for undergraduate students.

A staff who did not want his name in print though noting that Ekpo’s
administration was the worst in the history of the University, however
stated that the relocation of all science based courses from the town
campus to the main campus was the reason for the fare introduction.

According to him ‘ when it only engineering students who were in the main
campus it was possible for the school to convey students free of charge
from the Town Campus to Main campus with only two luxury buses because the
students were few in number”.

He said with all science based courses relocated to the main campus, the
number of students has also increased making it impossible for the school
to fuel the buses for them to attend classes on time as one bus may need to
ply the route many times to convey all the students to and from the

The Director of Public Relations, Mr. Godfrey Essien when contacted said he
was on casual leave and was still waiting to be fully briefed on the
immediate cause of the protest.

All efforts to speak with the Dean, Students’ Affairs, Prof. Eno Ibanga
proved abortive as he refused to pick his calls.

Meanwhile, the school authority, through the Registrar, Mrs. Edak Umondak
has closed down the school indefinitely and directed all residents to
vacate the campuses with immediate effect


  1. Eddy Philz

    I doubt if Comfort Ekpo (Vc) speaks gud english, maybe she doesn’t, maybe she was probably scared of addressing her students. She’s a FOOL.. I dnt quite knw d KC guy in ? but I pray his soul rest wid d Lord. Uniuyo I charge u 2 burn down more buildings, YES!

  2. Joseph Oscar

    What a tragic release,buh I dnt knw wen dis element of rioting will depart away 4rm campus and also tins dat trigers dem cos it has cause a total frustration of pple’s plans, acadamic calender, n has rope inn lotz of problems. God hv mercy, JUNE 12 tins


    Y is it that every evil begins with a woman, what did Eve do to Adam,Delila to Sampson,Miriam to Aaron,Haman’s wife sugested the evil plan, etc. It bleeds my heart to hear what has happend in my school.may the SACRIFICED SOULS of the departed students rest in peace.

  4. comfor

    U’r a fool saying what u just said,if it were ur child or sibling dat was involved in dis wud u hv said dat?paying heavily 4 little things pain,u don’t know how some students struggle to pay these fees,some parents sell lands to send their children to sch,if they like let them charge those students again but one thing I know,there is a Judge who is the almighty God.

  5. SamJack

    It need a greater sense of understanding & maturity to tackle desperate situation even at difficult times. Uniuyo Needs a decisive Icon!!! A person with passionate fair in dealings that affect the entire institution and the student at large!


    Both a happy n sad 1. Happy cos d world will knw naw wot happens @ uniuyo, a situation where we wia made 2 pay many ghost fees Eva since d so called woman took charge of d affairs. Sure dia wud b necessary changes dat wud b effected. Its quite unfortunate dat lives wia lost in dis. Pray God consoles d families of d deceased

  7. Jacobz

    I like dat Uniuyo is awaken now.. Its a Revolution… Its just Sad dat d poor guy had to be d sacrificial lamb…

  8. Lovina Ibiok

    Note Enahoro,that was a very peaceful demonstration until d JTF was called in, n they in their usual foolishness killed a student. It’s d loss of life that prompted violence not otherwise. I’m really disappointed in Comfort Ekpos administration. Does she have a child? The things she does are absurd!

  9. charity

    Too bad i feel for d’student who lost his life for no reason,d’present student affairs officer are not trying at all der wouldn’t hav invited d’JTF

  10. simon

    U guys re foolish, u burn ur VC’s office and destroy vital documents dat may be necessary for ur good and dat of de University. Mind u, ur VC remains a Prof. May also serve out her tenure. De school is shut, acada activities halted,ur yrs in school elongated; too bad. U may also be surcharged at de end of de day. Students as leaders of tomorrow should learn how to engage the GOVT and Schools without resorting to avoidable destruction and loss of life. My heart bleeds for de innocent victims.

  11. paul u.

    Dis is d reason we dnt want women leadership.most can handle situation.,let’s keep praying.

  12. seniorbeatz

    SMH…what A̶̲̥̅ huge lost…..women r not capable of ruling or heading any post(administration)in dis country…..*sad face* cos dis how we lost PRINCE too during A̶̲̥̅ fracas like in Fedpolynekede(2011) still woman(Rector)WTF….RIP KC

  13. uduak

    Dis is really really sad,heartbreaking,she should have just come out to adress the students,all dis chaos wud v bin averted.ɪ̣̝̇†̥̥s rada unfortunate for dat poor boy.God help us

  14. idara

    Beautiful presented article. God wud bless u for tellin d truth. Dis even is jus so saddddd dat it ended up in Kc’s death. Watever did he do to deseerve being shot @??? To d extent of death?

  15. Comfort Adedayo A.

    Why will JTF shoot real bullets during peaceful protest? This country is just horrible.
    Its as a result of d dead student that ignited d burning of d school biulding,not b4.Enahoro plz take note. D student affairs officer would have addressed d issue instead of inviting JTF to start shooting. The officers shld b brot to book.

  16. ukpono Ukpe

    This is not enough reason to have warranted a lost of life. Ekpo should live if her subject reject her.

  17. millow Jones

    speaking of rights,moses or wadever is ur name do us and urslf a favor, SHUT DA FUCK UP mayb u ll wish u wer dead

  18. Enahoro Moses

    The students should have taken it easy, violence every where
    Wish u ill, they don’t hv right to burn the scho

    • comfort

      This ill occurence will never leave ur generation,starting wiv ur children if they ever attempt school.


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