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We welcome you all to Face Of Rhodies world Photo Contest Season 6. The theme for this edition is ‘My Culture, My Pride’. You will get to meet the contestants in their traditional attires as they tell us about their culture and traditions. We promise to make it interesting as usual. Please take a little time out to read the following so you can be guided on how to vote. You will have to register just once to be an active voter.


What Counts:  Website Votes + Task Score + Website  Share.

If you are voting for the first time, you have to register just once to  be an active voter. This new innovation is to curtail ghost voters and encourage those who work hard for their votes.

1) Every voter has a chance to vote once every hour

2) Website Comments will no longer count for this edition. But feel free to support your contestant with comments

3. Contestants with any fraudulent intentions/act will be disqualified.

4. Results will only be displayed on Saturdays in which a fresh voting will follow suit, then at the end of the voting, all the weekly results will be displayed

6. Voting Poll is on 24 hours

5. The contest ends on Thursday, 9 April, 2015.

Good Luck!

How to Vote:

Click the “Vote now” button under the picture of the contestant of your choice. Again, you can only vote once per hour. You can also share the contestant’s profile to your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get them to vote too.



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  1. Adebayo

    I truly believe in her. And i want you guys to support the good work. Keep voting please more blessing.


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