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Yesterday evening, a lady sent this story to my mail box. And seriously speaking I don’t really know what to say now. Lots of people out there will have what to say to her. She didn’t tell me her name, so let’s just call her Hannah. So read Hannah’s story, she’s in a dilemma.

“I am so hurt, to the point I need to talk to strangers in the internet. But I don’t have anyone to turn to right now, I can’t just trust anybody.

My younger sister use to be my best friend and companion. We grew up together and separated when I got married to my husband two years ago. My husband and sister are very close; I never suspected anything between them. I always thought it was a sister in-law and brother in-law’s relationship.

My husband and I have been married for two years. I am 26 and he’s 32 and we have two kids. My first child is a girl and she’s one and a half years, while my second is just 2 months, so I am a nursing mother.
Since before my husband and I got married, we agreed on not touching each other’s phone. At first, it brought problem between us, but I stopped touching his phones when I discovered it was causing misunderstandings. I never suspected him, because I believed he wasn’t cheating on me.

About 6months ago, before I put to birth, my sister was always with me. She helped me out in cooking and cleaning up the house while I was always at my shop. My husband was on leave at that time.
One evening, I came back from my business place; my sister was preparing dinner in the kitchen, while my husband was sleeping on the couch. They didn’t notice my presence. I saw my daughter putting something in her mouth; I rushed to get it thinking that perhaps whatever she is sucking might be poisonous, only to discover that it was my husband’s phone. I got the phone from her and wiped the saliva with my wet clothes. When I wanted to clean the screen of the phone, I saw the picture of my sister and my husband in bed. My matrimonial bed.

I watched all the pictures in the phone and discovered that my sister was always seeing my husband since after we got married. I even saw a picture of his birthday with my sister. I knew that our daughter can’t use a phone, so I thanked God she didn’t understand what her daddy has been doing with her aunty. And I remember that on my husband’s birthday, i did a surprise party for him, but he didn’t come home that day. He told me that he was busy at the office. I couldn’t help it when I saw my baby sister cutting cake with my husband in a hotel. Does he value my sister more than his family?

I was so terribly hurt. I confronted him; he admitted that he is in love with my sister. And that he fell in love with my sister after he had paid my bride price. That if he had met my sister first, he wouldn’t have married me; I am writing this with a bitter heart.

Some years ago, my husband claimed to have fallen head over heels in love with me. I broke up with a guy that loved me so much, nothing just happened. I just wanted to save my relationship with my husband.
I have never refrained from having sex with my husband. After I had my daughter, we had sex three weeks after birth. I have been a good wife. I am industrious, I can cook his meal and I am perfectly beautiful. Even though my husband wants to cheat, must it be with my sister?

I am so sick right now, please what should I do? Because I have been planning to leave the house and run away to where nobody will see me”.

My dear Hannah, I am so sorry. I have been having discussions with a few married friends to seek solutions to your sad issue. I will get back to you through your e-mail. But meanwhile, people will advise you. I will also advise you to meet with a professional marriage counsellor for now.


  1. fiona spencer

    U are a woman of virtue simply take ur worries, problems to God. Shits like this do happen,men are promiscuous in nature, since your sister lost her conscience,God will arrest her. Hold God thight.

  2. kassegne

    Dear madam,
    I am so sorry reading your problems.
    You have to know ur sister is not better than you for him ,but stolen things are sweetest.
    Everything will be changed, your husband will turn his face to his family. I am sure he will hate her.You have to tell your sister to stop bedding with your husband. You have kids you can’t leave. Why don’t you inform for your mother or nearest relatives about your sister act of satan?
    Your strategy should be to separate her from your husband. I will pray for you, God will help you.

  3. Febian Ubaha

    First the Bible has made us to understand that we should not follow the multitude and go to hell. If you run away from your home your kids will sufer so running away is not the solution. Wake your husband up by night and talk to him do not insult or annoy him because of your annoyance but let your discussion be decent and understanding. Let him know how bitter he will feel if you were the one doing what he has done. But do not plan to do anything evil.


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